Jansport Odyssey backpack

I’ve posted about backpacks in the past.  I just bought the Jansport Solstice about six months ago.  I received the bag, thought it was damn cool but soon came to realize that it was much smaller than what I needed it for and that there were a few minor quirks that annoyed the crap out of me.

First and foremost the bottom of the bag drooped incredibly low and would press up against your back while having anything medium sized/heavy in the bag.

When I first started looking for bags I found two Jansport bags that were in my radar.  I opted for the smaller looking bag and received the Solstices.  Now looking back, I should have, from the start, choose the Jansport Odyssey.  This bag has AirLift shoulder straps with a removable sternum strap, two large compartments with organizer compartments which keeps all the pencils, pens, calculators, various other things in a neat and tidy place, it is form-fitting, it has an internal frame sheet and aluminum stay which will keep the bag from bunching up.  This is a problem I had [bunching up] with the Jansport Solstice.  You would put a light item in the bag and when you’re walking, you’d notice something riding on your back.  It was a major annoyance and with the stay sheet, this will not happen anymore.  You may come across a review from someone on another site which indicated that the side pockets which can hold water bottles and the like does not hold bottles very well.  Well, that’s true but if I’m not mistaken, you should use the compression straps to help hold the water bottle in.  That is what I did with the Solstice and I never had a problem, once.

All in all, I’m waiting for the bag to come in, I will keep you all updated, as always.