IOGear MiniView 4-port USB KVM

I work as a PC Tech and in doing so, I do fix multiple computers at one time.  I do so by utilizing a KVM switch.  A KVM switch allows you to connect several computers to one keyboard, video/monitor and mouse.  This saves a lot of space and time by only having to connect one set of cables to the computers that are on the bench.

I’ve been using a Belkin KVM switch at work, it is a PS/2 switch and so far it has been OKAY.  I think it’s time to move on to another KVM though.  So I opted for the IOGear MiniView 4-port KVM.  At first, I was going to go for the GCS-1774 which is a full featured KVM.  It includes a 4-port switch as well as USB 2.0 support for peripherals.  However, I decided that I did not need that many bells and whistles so I went with the plain regular 4-port KVM.

You may have found this page by typing into Google, “IOGear nVidia,” if that is the case then yes, the IOGear KVM switches do have problems with the nForce 4 chipset.  There is a really easy solution.  You do not need to install a PCI USB card into each computer.  Instead, just pick up a USB hub.  The hub plugs into the computer, then you plug the KVM USB ports into the USB hub.  Walla, no more problems.  Thanks to the guys over at the official forums for working diligently at figuring out what works and what didn’t.

I should receive the KVM by Thursday.  I will report back on the quality and if it works.

KVM switches are not the most reliable computer peripheral devices around.  I mean every website you go to that allows user reviews are plagued with negative reviews about KVM switches.  I am taking my chances with this IOGear but I hope that it will eventually be alright lol.