KVM Switches

Why can’t the KVM manufactures get a KVM right?  Some blame it on a non-standardized keyboard and mouse layout.  Take IOGear for example.  They have many nice looking KVM switches that seem when outside looking in, looks great to own.  However, there is a little secret that isn’t told to you when you purchase their KVM switches.  Their KVM switches DO NOT WORK WITH nVIDIA nForce 4 chipset motherboards!  That’s a bitch!  Their advice?  Go buy a USB hub and or a PCI USB card.  That is bullshit!  Their KVM switches are big bucks.  And to have them completely not work with an entire chipset is absolutely unacceptable.  I’ve been in contact with their support for almost a year now.  I am the originator of a thread on the official nVidia.com forums in regards to the KVM switches not working right with nForce 4 chipset motherboards.

If you do a search for KVMs on Amazon.com, you’ll see that there is not one that has all 4-5 star reviews.  It seems like people have problems with all KVMs.  It seems like I’m singling out IOGear but I’m not.  It’s all KVM manufactures.

Myself, I work as a technician fixing computers.  I often times have multiple units up on a bench and instead of using up precious work space with multiple keyboards and monitors, I utilize a KVM switch.  The thing is, sure you can easily buy a USB PCI card for the IOGear to work but I can’t.  I can’t just go and install PCI cards into client’s units just to work on them.  That’s taking up a lot of time that I could be using to fix their units intead.

I don’t know where this rant is going honestly but I’m just tired of not having a working KVM switch and I wish IOGear would get into gear and come up with a fix for their broken KVM switches.  Also, a KVM that works with DVI, USB 2.0 and all wireless keyboards/mice would be nice while they’re at it.

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