Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 released

It was being estimated that this build would actually be released late this summer around August.  It looks like the speculators were wrong.  It was released today, June 29th, 2006.  There are significant changes.  One being that you can now move tabs from one place to another.  This is one thing that the IE team stated over and over again via their chats as well as the Connect website that they would not be implementing into IE7.  It looks like the feedback was overwhelming.  They took the advice and suggestions of us, the users and implemented it into a working build of IE7.  Now my only gripe here is that I would love it if IE would have the option to middle click on a folder which is located inside the Favorites/Links/Sub-Folder.  With FireFox you can easily middle click on a folder located on the Links toolbar and it will open up all of the favorites inside that folder in new tabs.  With IE, if you attempt to do this, you are greeted with an explorer pop up with your links in there, no tabs whatsoever.

I’ve already brought this up via Connect and the chats.  The IE team again has shot it down and said it will not make it into IE7 but perhaps in future builds.  Perhaps if we can garner enough support and votes or something, we can get IE to actually implement this into the next beta.  I guess some of you may be thinking, what the hell is the use of that anyway?  And that is what I think of when I step out of the box to look  at it from the devs point of view.  Obviously it isn’t as badly requested as the movable tabs but it is requested.  It’s all about ease of use.  If you actually started using your Link toolbar, you’d be amazed at how much time you could cut back.  I put all of my favorite sites that I visit daily or hourly and also other sites that I often frequent such as finance sites i.e. banking, credit cards, etc.  It’s so much easier than going to the favorites, trying to find where you have your folder, and then clicking on the link itself.  You just click once right on the link itself, or if you have implemented folders into your Link toolbar then you click the folder, a list of sites drop down, then click on the site you wish to go to.  Done, simple as 1-2-3.

Also, there is a bug in that when you have a folder inside the Link toolbar such as: C:\Documents and Settings\User\Favorites\Links\Sub-Folder, any links within that folder you can re-order them via the favorites center however, the re-ordering is not imlemented or changed once you try to view the folder by clicking on it via the Link toolbar.

I have finally brought it up to Max a head dev for the IE team.  He is now aware of it and has inputted it into their database.  The only thing is, I honestly don’t know if it’s a fixable thing.  This bug has actually been around since IE6.  That means nobody really uses folders on their link toolbar and or they don’t give a care if the links can be re-arranged or not.  Well I do.  I truly hope this makes it into future revisions of IE.  That’s all for today, my rant is done.  Back to work I go.

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