Google Releases a Video Tour of Google Checkout

Watch a quick video tour of Google Checkout

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I honestly don’t know what to make of this.  Google for one is not actually trying to directly compete with Paypal yet they are, sorta.  They are trying to gain market share for shopping carts and payment services but when it comes to p2p payments, like Paypal’s niche market which nobody has a hand in at this moment, Google isn’t going there, yet.  That is why they’re coming out saying that they’re not competing against Paypal, which in a sense is true.  I would have really liked it if they had came out with their own p2p payment services just as Paypal is doing.  Reason being, although I honestly have not have had a bad time with Paypal, yet, there are many people out there who have.  I also would love it if there was more options for us consumers as opposed to having only one option.  Competition is always better than no competition, if you know what I mean.