I was SICK!

I had a combination of the flu and some type of stomach virus.  I went in to work Thursday, going at my work like crazy.  Just trying to get through as many computers as I possibly could.  Out of no where, bam, it hit me like I just got hit by a huge freight truck.  I felt very letargic, very weak, very sore.  I had to wait another few hours before my boss would come back from an appointment.  That meant me taking care of not only computers but also clients.  In the end, I went home and slept for the entire day up until the next morning.  After that, I still had to go into work for a few hours due to my manager going on a trip.  I was miserable.  I can honestly say I’m feeling ten times better and I’m ready to go back into work and bust my balls for the company.  Hope you DO NOT get sick.  Take care of yourselves as being sick just sucks.  AHHHHHHHHHHHH!