Road Runner Cable Rant

So my RR has been hellishly slow lately.  I have a feeling it’s a physical problem but at the same time I suspect it may be a damaged modem.  My modem has been through quite a few power outages without being connected to a UPS/Surge Protector.  So, I’m going to try the obvious first, switch out the modem this weekend.  If that doesn’t work, I’ve got my eyes set on figuring out where the physical problem lies.  I can see this junction splitter that is right outside of the house we rent.  I can tell that it’s been noticebly touched by someone and that it has been fooled around with.  This box is from the cable company.  However, a while back when I was having cable problems, we found out that my wife’s uncle had been tampering with the cable by adding his own splitters to the line.  When the cable company told me that was my main problem and when the cable tech removed said splitter, boy did that cause a problem with my wife’s uncle.

Anyway, my speeds have just been unbelievably slow.  Not only while downloading large files but also just browsing in general.  Sometimes my internet will come to a complete stop and I can’t even get anywhere online.  It’s pathetic.  I would call in to troubleshoot with Road Runner but their incompetent staff just baffles me.  I worked for them for almost six months but quit due to the high stress level.  Anyway, that’s beyond the scope of this post.  Calling in is like calling in and talking to a brick wall.  You don’t get anywhere.  All they do is read off a script and then transfer you to what they call tier 2 tech support.  Once transferred there, you troubleshoot again with someone from Canada who has no customer service experience whatsoever and is very rude.  You run through the various t/sing like ping and tracert.  If all those come out fine, I don’t recall if they escalate it or not but it’s just VERY time consuming and a PITA.

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