Building a New System for Work

So my system at work started to act up.  It’s a three year old system and I believe the motherboard was showing signs of wear and tear.  I went ahead and decided to sell my remaining system and start anew.  I purchased a motherboard, processor and video card.

I went with an AMD X2 3800+ Manchester retail boxed processor.  I found this on a for sale forum and got it at a decent price too.  This will be my first dual-core chip that I will be working with.  The reason why I decided to opt for a chip that is even better than my home system is that all I do at work is multitask between many things.  I believe the dual-core processor will benefit me much more while at work than at home.

For the motherboard, I went with an ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe.  This board is basically the cream of the crop of the nVidia nForce 4 chipset right now – along with some of the other DFI motherboards which many overclocking enthusiasts recommend as well.

Last but not least, the video card.  I went with an eVGA 6600GT PCI-Express 1xVGA, 1xDVI outputs and also I believe TV-Out.  For work, obviously, I don’t need a bad-ass graphics card since I won’t be gaming while at work.  But, I thought I would not cheap out on this system anyway so I went with what I thought was a great choice.  I would have bought a second hand video card but unfortunately, eVGA does not allow people to transfer warranties and for that sake and that sake only, I did not want to take a chance with a second hand card.

Oh, I also forgot, I also had to buy a new case since I donated my other case to our file server at work.  I went with an Antec P180.  I would have gone with the P180B had it been available here.  It is not.  It probably won’t be for another several months too.  I would purchase it online but shipping is outrageous and probably nearing $50+ just to ship a case to where I’m at.

I hope that no hiccups occur while putting my new unit together.  The unit will be coupled with a Western Digital 36.7GB Raptor hard drive and a 500W Rosewill PSU for the mean time while I save some cash for a new Seasonic S12-600W PSU.  I will be reusing my memory, Crucial Ballistix PC4000 that was used in my previous system as well.

I will update this post with maybe a small review of how it handles my everyday tasks while at work.  I hope you all enjoyed this weird blog of mine.  Take it easy.