Office 2007 open beta

Microsoft released Office 2007 beta yesterday, 5/23.  Currently this is in its open beta stages meaning anyone can register/sign up for this beta and then either download the ISO or have a DVD mailed to you.  The updates are pretty significant and I think it is worth it to take a look at just what is in store come the end of the year.

First and foremost, Outlook 2007 now features an integrated RSS feed viewer.  This thing is awesome, except that the fonts used to display when reading the RSS feeds is not customizable – or I have not found out how to do it yet.  I like to customize EVERYTHING that I read with the font Verdana, size 9.  Anything else, I hate.  Anyway.

With Microsoft software of course, comes product activation.  Since this beta was just released yesterday, there are probably millions of people trying to currently activate their beta copies and thus is bogging down the activation servers like crazy.  I am greeted each and every time I open my Office 2007 software to activate it.  When I do click ok to activate, it goes through its little task bar and eventually tells me the activation servers could not be reached.  If you’re having this problem, don’t worry about it, it should be fixed shortly.

All in all, I’d give it a 8/10 and the other two stars can wait until I can figure out if the text will be customizable and when they get their activation stuff sorted out.