Limited User Accounts

As you probably know I remove spyware from computers for a living.  I more often than not see people come back due to being reinfected by spyware.  Most times its also due to the client running in administrator mode/account instead of using a limit user account.  I’d really like to implement this for all of my future clients so long as I can find a full-proof way to help them install programs and run programs that they may need to run.  My only issue is having to technically support them because they run into problems like not being able to run programs.  I’m still trying to figure out the best way to implement this especially with the majority of the clients I help run Windows XP Home edition as opposed to Pro with group policy which can restrict things such as the installation of programs.

I will hopefully update this post in the future if I find a decent tutorial and or figure it out myself.  Until then, peace.