VS System Trading Card Game

I started playing the VS System Trading Card Game.  Basically it is Marvel Comics vs DC Comics but in reality it can be Marvel VS Marvel and DC VS DC if you really wanted it to happen.  I’ve played Magic as well as Yuigoh but not a lot.  My manager plays Legend of Five Rings quite often so he is very familiar with TCGs.  He is also very into Batman comics.  We started playing during our breaks today.  It’s a very fun but yet simple game.  This is exactly how I felt about Yugioh.  I thought it was too simple but after playing it again and relearning the game from scratch I soon realized I was wrong.

Anyway, on with the VS System.  I purchased about $40 dollars worth of cards last night.  Three starter decks total and ten booster packs.  Five of the X-Men cards and five of the Spider Man vs Doc Oct series.  I put together a small deck but it was not as strong compared to my manager’s pre-made deck that he bought which consists of Batman cards.

All in all it’s a great game, kills time very quickly and it makes you use your mind.  I think I am going to get hooked on it.  So long I have someone to challenge I think I will be ok.  Other times that I attempted to start playing, I really had nobody to play with and if I did, it wasn’t taken seriously i.e. they wouldn’t attack because they were afraid or something stupid like that.

Alrighty then, I also returned my last Natural Keyboard Wireless Optical Pro because I felt the space bar made a very loud clanking noise.  I also felt that the keys on the keyboard did not feel like the one I had purchased a while ago (the one I took to work).  I soon realized after receiving the second one, that the keys have been possibly changed.  The material used for the plastic underside was probably changed.  Perhaps the other one with the very soft keys costed too much thus the change in production.  That basically means it’s shit now.  I don’t know if this keyboard will hold up like the one I took to work.  We’ll just have to wait and see and oh yeah, you will see me bitching and moaning if it does not.  Until then.

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