Iran Threatening Israel

“We will definitely resist … U.S. B-52 (bombers).”

Reading this news article over at Yahoo News makes me laugh.  Iran is delusional, just as delusional as that secretary of news over in Iraq.  The same guy who said while we were in the midst of over taking that entire country that the USA was not there and that we were just a figment of people’s imagination.  LOL.

I guess these guys need to blow smoke up their asses in order to rally support but give me a fucking break.  You are not going to own us, Israel or anyone else for that matter.  Now I do not agree with this war if it does take place but I don’t believe we will have any trouble with Iran.

I do feel for Israel as they are the ones who may be hit the hardest after the first few weeks or war since they are directly near Iran.  I just don’t know, all of this over nuclear production.  On one hand I do think Iran is preparing or could be preparing to create some type of nuclear weapon and use it on Israel.  The president of Iran has been quoted saying that he would like Israel wiped off the face of the map and that Israel is not a real country or does not exist.  Isn’t this the same guy who claims that the holocaust wasn’t real or didn’t happen?  I think these guys smoke way too much opiates.  They need to take a step back and realize what they’re doing.  So do we but at the same time and argument, these guys are the very ones who are threatening national security.