The Wild Movie Review

So my family and I went to go watch The Wild last night.  All in all I can safely say that it was a 2/5 movie.  More than a 1 because it did make my family crack up a lot.  Nigel, the koala bear, had the best part of the entire movie and I think he stole the limelight.  The movie is mainly a spoof of several movies combined into one.  That is what I got out of watching it.  It takes parts from Madagascar, Lion King and I can’t recall the last movie and puts it together to kinda spoof all movies just like the “Scary Movie” line of shows.

The CG was amazing.  There were times that I thought that it was real.  You could not tell in certain scenes, like when they were out in the ocean and trying to go after the boat that the son was in.  That part right there blew me away.  Also the look of the lions, they really did look realistic compared to earlier CG films.

The voice of the main lion, Samson, was played by none other than Jack Bauer.  I’m not sure if Kiefer Sutherland has done many voice overs but he seemed to show his newbieness to voice overs as he really didn’t sound that great.  There were times where I thought, seriously, is that really Kiefer?  I guess I’m comparing the voice overs to another recent movie which I would rate 5/5 which was Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.  Reason for that is there was a very good plot, and the voice overs matched every single character in that movie.  No mismatches in regards to the voice over category at all.

I may be nittpicking here but I guess hopefully somebody will maybe agree or not agree with me and feel free to chime in via the comment section.

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