Microsoft 4000 Ergonomic Keyboard ***Update***

So I took my last keyboard to work and I bought the 4000 again.  I thought after some “breaking in” that the keyboard would become as soft to use as the Wireless Optical Desktop Pro 2.0 would be.  However, that is not the case.  I’m returning this keyboard today back to Best Buy and heading over to my Office Depot where I will be purchasing the Wireless Optical Desktop Pro keyboard once again.  The WDOP keyboard’s keys are VERY soft.  From reading reviews over at, I noticed that the reviews for the WDOP keyboard and mouse set had some bad reviews in regards to the softness of the keys.  How can you NOT like the softness?  Those people mentioned it makes it hard to type with no tactile feedback.  Are you freaking kidding me?  It’s a million times easier to type when the keys are soft.  I don’t like having to actually press down extra hard on the keys.

It’s hard to explain, you probably either like your keys soft, or you like them to have “tactile feedback” whatever that hell that means.  I enjoy mines soft and I do not like any other way.  I guess I’ll just have to wait for future revisions of the new wired ergo keyboard or until they come out with an entirely new design.  That probably won’t happen for another several years looking back at how long it took MS to come out with something new to replace the old ergo keyboard.

The WDOP set is being phased out of production, I think.  I’m going to snatch up whatever sets I can find locally as well as online.  The sets are just unbelievably smooth and easy to use.  The mouse is OK but it could have been a little better.  Like the people at Amazon reported, the middle click wheel doesn’t always work.  I do believe it’s due to the side scrolling that is implemented into the mouse.

On another note, the Laser Mouse 6000 is decent.  I always thought that the front/back buttons where both on the left side of the mouse.  Guess what?  I was wrong.  The left side is programmed to go back.  The one on the other side (right side of the mouse) is programmed to magnify the screen.  I switched it to be the forward button in Internet Explorer.  I guess if you have very small hands, the mouse can be a PITA since reaching for the back button does take a little getting used to.  Other than that, my only other complaint is again, the way the mouse feels when you click the mouse button.  It’s too firm.  I enjoy the softness and the subtle touch in order to get the mouse and keyboard to work.  All in all, I do recommend the 6000 if your hands are big enough and the 4000 if you enjoy “tactile feedback” from your keyboard.