2006 NFL Draft

I do apologize about the many blog entries I’m putting in today.  Well, today, for all of you NFL fans, it is the NFL draft.  It’s currently going on in NYC at the Radio City Hall.  The #1 pick was already announced and signed by last night: Mario Williams going to the Houston Texans.  I’m not too familiar with Williams so I will refrain from commenting on his ability.  The #1 draft choice should already speak for itself, at least, that’s what I think.

All in all I was very surprised that Matt Leinhart went with the #10 pick to the Arizona Cardinals.  People mentioned on a forum that it was a great thing for him to be chosen so late.  After hearing their reasons, I tend to agree.  Look at it this way, he is with a better team, doesn’t really have to rebuild and quite frankly, as it stands, their team is designed to be a damn good team.  They have Kurt Warner as QB to start, Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and they recently acquired Edgerrin James from the Indy Colts!

I pretty much stopped watching after this pick although I did go back and watch a little more and saw this Samoan guy being picked up by the Baltimore Ravens.  What made me kinda upset was seeing this lady of Samoan descent flashing some type of gang signs in the background while they were interviewing this player.  That to me is just rude and stupid and plain ignorant.  Why would you do that, this player has come a long way from having to do those kinds of stupid acts of violence and you come and show the world gang signs?  Come on, grow up people!