I’m Back from my Vacation

So I’m back from visiting Las Vegas and California.

I had fun with my family.  No, I did not win anything in Vegas.  I only gambled at one casino where I played the slot machines.  I’d like to have played more but I feel that it was enough since I came back with the majority of the money I had saved up for this trip — this is a good thing.

On another note, I took my Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro keyboard and mouse set to work today.  I felt that the keyboard I have at work just isn’t cutting it anymore.  In doing that, I was left with no keyboard or mouse for home.  So, I decided I’d give the Microsoft 4000 Ergonomic keyboard one more try as well as the Microsoft Laser 6000 mouse.

So here I am at home using both products which I said I would not use nor condone anyone else using.  I’m a hypocrite, so shoot me.  So far, the keyboard’s keys are SLIGHTLY less hard to press than the last one I had.  The Microsoft laser mouse is just as shitty as everyone has reported be it via Amazon.com or personal reviews from websites and blogs.  The buttons are slightly out of place but I’m trying to see if I will get used to it.  If I don’t like it, I will return it since I am not satisfied with it.  I am, however, going to be keeping the keyboard probably no matter what.  I am hoping that the abuse I give to the keys will eventually soften the touch of them instead of harden them lol.

Gas prices are going up.  What are we going to do?  Here in Hawaii, gas has reached almost $3.00 for regular gasoline.  This is getting pretty expensive and I don’t see the price of gasoline going down anytime soon with a war with Iran on the brink.  I feel that it is almost inevitable that we will go to war with Iran.  It scares me since we already have a situation in Iraq in which we barely have control over.  The government still hasn’t formed an official government.  Just from my view point, it scares the crap out of me.

On a semi-happier note, I was told over and over again while visiting my mom why they moved to Las Vegas from Hawaii.  The reason they gave me was that it was not feasible for them to live in Hawaii any longer since the cost of living is so high.  They said that they’d never be able to afford a house.  I understand their reasoning but at the same time I don’t see why they could not have tried any harder to find a better job while they were here.  My plan is to finish school and get a degree.  I am hoping that the housing bubble will pop soon enough and prices will come crashing down.  I mean there are houses in Las Vegas that cost maybe roughly $200,000.00 that would be almost $800,000.00 – $1,000,000.00 here in Hawaii.  That is just insane but enough of a reason for thousands of island residents to move up there so they can afford a house — exactly the same reason my mom and step dad moved up to Vegas.

 Oh well, only time will tell.

Until next time, aloha!