Watching my Diet

My BP is still fairly high but ever since last week Friday I’ve started to implement a life style change.  I’m trying to eat much less and much more healthy.  I used to eat copious amounts of white rice, and when I say copious, I mean copious.  I mean literally, five-six scoops of rice per breakfast/lunch/dinner.  I’ve now cut it down to roughly one ice cream scooper worth of rice per day.  Two days ago I started eating salads from McDonalds.  Their Ceaser salad is really good.  I do put the crutons and use the dressing that comes with it, it’s mighty tasty if you ask me.  If I’m going to lower my blood pressure, that means I’m going to have to shed a lot of weight.  I think I can do it and so far my will power has been surprising me with what I’m able to do.  I guess I just have to keep telling myself that I can do it and I need to do it.  Otherwise I run and already do run the risk of heart disease.