Flesh Eating Virus Slowly Killing Man

Here in Honolulu, Hawaii, we’ve been having some torrential rainfall for about forty straight days.  It has finally cleared up but last week a sewer line burst and had to be re-directed into the Ala Wai Canal in Waikiki.  The beaches were closed off to visitors due to the pollution.  Apparently, someone was drinking and fell into the canal some time last week.  Upon trying to get out of the canal/water, this person had cut himself on his feet and hands.  A few days later he complained of leg pains and breathing troubles.  He was taken to a hospital where he was diagnosed with Strep, a flesh eating disease.  He has already had to have his leg amputated and they say his other leg and arm may have to be amputated too.  He is in critical condition as it stands and the doctors do not know for sure if he is going to make it. 

The police have opened up a case.  Supposedly upon going to the hospital the night he fell in, he made a police report.  It is reported that he got into a scuffle and may have been pushed in intentionally.  If this is the case, I hope they catch those who did it.  This guy was a mortgage banker and from the looks of things, had a really good life.  Now he’s on his last days, possibly, with one leg amputated and another one scheduled to be removed.  Very depressing situation for anyone to be going through at this time; my prayers go out to his family and friends as I know they are mourning during a time like this.

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