UFC 58: Team USA vs CANADA

First of all, BJ Penn was robbed.  He was robbed, big time.  He took round one.  He lost may have lost round two but round three he took.  GSP did nothing in round three except for hang on for dear life.  Yes, he took BJ down but in doing so, he did not improve position, he did not attempt any type of submission and he was not successful with any type of offense at all.  BJ attempted a submission and also got up very quickly right after GSP took him down.  In the main event, The Crow got his face bashed in.  He now resembles Sloth from the Goonies.  In other news, my blood pressure is just going up and down.  During some days, it’s up the 100s (diastolic) and some days like today, is down in the lower 80s.  I guess I just have to keep track and see how things go.  It’s strange though.  Until next time.  Aloha.