Jansport Solstice day 3

So, upon first look and inspection, the backpack was very nice, the external design and styling is just beautiful.  I have not seen a new bag with a great design like the Solstice for quite some time.  Unfortunately, I found out some minor qwirks.  For those who strictly use a backpack for school, you may be disappointed when you find out that one, the bag sags below the back area when you put books in there as this is supposedly a “design.”  Also, the back portion that touches your back, you will find that it scrunches up when you wear it.  This is a major annoyance as you can feel it not really poking into your back but it just feels very awkward as opposed to a regular backpack resting all on your back.  This too is supposedly a design implemented by Jansport.  I have been writing back and forth with their support team.  They said that due to the Solstice not having a metal back stay or aluminum frame, it will bunch up like that.  The next best thing may be the Jansport Odyssey.  I have my sight set on getting that bag but I think I will wait until I can find it locally so I can try it on.  You MOST DEFINATELY want to try on a bag and maybe put some books in there to see how it fits before you buy the bag.  Buying online and being oceans away (Hawaii) is a bitch.  Hope this helps someone looking for a Jansport Solstice.