Jansport Solstice backpack

As you all know, I’ve mentioned before that I am on a search to find a nice backpack and so far, up until this point, I haven’t found anything.  Well, I finally found something.  Upon doing my routine check to see if Jansport had any new bags, lo and behold, they did.  They have the Jansport Solstice which comes in two color schemes.  The one I’m getting is called sulfer.  It’s a mix of grey and yellow.  Many people weren’t too fond of the bright yellow yet I enjoy the yellow and bright colors in general.  I had a nice Jansport backpack back in high school which was bright orange but someone stole that bag and I could never find anything similar again.  That is, until NOW!  I’m content, and happy that I will be ordering this bag this weekend.  If anyone wants to see it, here is a pic.