Hawaii residents, Jason “Mayhem” Miller seminar

On February 19th, 2006, at Hawaii Martial Arts Center aka HMC, Mayhem Miller will be doing a seminar.  The time is from 1:00PM HST to 4:00PM HST.  The price is $30.00 per head.  If you’re into Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA, please go support and check this guy out.  If you watch the UFC religiously you may have seen this outgoing, wacky character named Jason “Mayhem” Miller fighting against Georges St. Pierre.  Yes, he lost but he showed a ton of heart and that he could hang with someone who hasn’t had someone hang with him to a decision in many many fights.  Again, February 19, 1-4PM, go check it out at HMC!