World of Warcraft: Meant for single men/women

This game was not meant or made for people who have responsibilities such as children and or spouses.  If you do have either of the two I just mentioned, you know that you do get called upon quite frequently be it to do something for your child or to help your wife/husband prepare dinner.  It’s a bitch to even attempt to get a few good hours of WoW grouping together with other people without being interrupted.  I know this pisses people off to no end and I apologize coming from someone who does have these responsibilities.  I just wish I could play this game because of how much fun it truly is.  I am afraid that I may have to actually give up playing due to these two responsibilities.  I know that I could not possibly towards the end of the game do raids without having to leave.  And from what I understand, these raids can take up to hours to do and most often than not, if you just leave for any unknown reason, your guild members will get pissed off at you.  Pissed off people = no longer want to help you.