World of Warcraft: Addiction

I think I’m becoming more and more addicted to WoW.  I restarted up my membership since I can play at work.  I think I fucked up because I am kinda addicted.  It’s a fun game.  The thing that scares me, kind of, is the end game playing of WoW.  I hear it sucks once you reach level 60.  Nothing worth playing for unless you are into raids and all that good stuff.  So far I have a level 11 Tauren Shaman and a level 11 Undead Mage.  They’re both on different servers.  I also have a Troll Hunter which is like level 4.  This game is damn fun!  Hope you all enjoy it and if you do, and play on Bleeding Hallow, my name is Dopenough.  Come find me!