Dateline NBC’s to catch a predator III

Very disturbing to see what type of people prey on innocent young children.  I was quite amazed and shocked to see what type of backgrounds and jobs these people held.  One person was an employee of the govt. in the Homeland Security dept.  Another was a high school teacher who was fired after his employer found out about him attempting to meet an under aged teen for sex.  I don’t know what else to say other than it’s a seriously FUCKED up problem and watching the show made me realize how bad it is.  On top of all of that, most experts they had on the show said these guys can’t even be cured.  The internet makes children available 24/7 and that’s something that lures them right back in to it all.  Very disturbing!  Watch your children, make sure you know where they’re surfing and who they’re talking to.  I would have to have this happen to any of you!

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