Internet Explorer 7 beta 2 public preview

My source was right in that IE7 public beta 2 preview was being released some time this week.  I hope you are all enjoying the preview.  The build is build # 5296 which may be surprising to some in regards to the latest “leaked” build being 5299.  This should not worry you at all.  This build is much more stable than the 5299 build and there are reasons for why this build was released and not the 5299 build.  If you visit the Internet Explorer blog, you will find posts in regards to why this build was released and the other was not.

The only thing I have issues with is that the amount of memory that is being used up when you open multiple tabs from a favorites group.  People on the newsgroups are reporting that this isn’t happening to them but others are saying it is.  It may actually have to do with computer hardware and various other configurations.  At first when I uninstalled build 5299 and installed the public build, I ran into issues with the favorites not working.  If I attempted to add a website to my favorites, I was prompted with something along the lines of “Class not registered.”  When I came home from work, I couldn’t get it to work so I just uninstalled it from the control panels add/remove programs.  I reinstalled it and the links are working fine now.  So if you run into this issue, try uninstalling and reinstalling.

My freaking only gripe with IE7 is that it does not allow you to open a group of favorites from the “Links” toolbar.  You’re probably thinking wtf is the “Links” toolbar.  Here is a screen shot of what the “Links” toolbar is and what I am talking about, exactly.  When you click on this particular folder, a drop down list of favorites appear; with FireFox, if I was to middle click or even right click on the folder, a new menu would appear with the latter or the entire group of favorites would open up with the former.  With IE7, you middle click this folder and it opens up in an explorer window.  IE7 treats it like it’s apart of the Windows Explorer and not Internet Explorer.

I already recommended this and a few other things on the IE blog site.  A MSFT dev directed a comment at me and said that he will take this into consideration.  I agree with a few newsgroup postings in that the customizability of IE7 or the lack thereof will lead to either the success or demise of IE7 IMHO.