Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000

This is an official piece of shit hardware device that serves no use other than looks.  I can atest that this mouse’s button placement is very screwed up and if anyone found this entry via Google or another search engine by typing in Laser Mouse 6000 review, please take my advice and the advice of many others in that this mouse sucks, plain and simple.  Microsoft just decided they had to put out a “laser” type of device/mouse and put it together without consulting actual gamers or even testing it for ergonomics.  The way the front/back buttons on the left hand side are placed are very, how should I say this, fucked up?  It’s much more forward than their previous mice and if you want to use said buttons, you’re going to have to strain your hands just a tad bit so that you can go either forward or back.  Not to mention that yes, when you do this, you often press the right side button on accident.  It is easy to press and I’ve read another review where they had to disable the right side button just so they wouldn’t accidentally click on it.  So, in the end, Microsoft fucked up, big time.  I wonder when they’ll eventually do a refresh of this mouse, though.  I recall when they first started with the optical mice, they did a refresh at least once a year if I remember correctly.  Anyhow, stay far away from this mouse until they get the button placement right.

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