Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview follow up review

I tried it on a test box, it’s a mess. They implemented the menu and buttons from the Vista version. It’s a totally complete redesign of the GUI comapred to beta 1. The amount of ram it uses up on some web pages is just insane. I went to which is a Usenet resource page and my PF Usage sky rocketed to over 1.5GB. My CPU Usage history is a mess. With beta 1, it was rather stable. With beta 2 the CPU Usage goes haywire.

Another thing they didn’t get right is when you open a favorites group in tabs, about ten or more, your computer comes crawling to a halt. Your resources are maxed out. I did this with FireFox and my resources were untouched. MS is doing something wrong if FireFox can do this without taxing your system resources.

The box that I’m running IE on is no slouch either, 1GB memory, 2.2GHZ CPU, it isn’t slow by today’s standards, not really. Anyway, has anyone else gotten to try this piece of crap out yet? I’ve heard people say how fast it is, no problems, etc. It is slow and eats up a crap load of resources. Reminiscent of Norton products. I mean if they really think they are this close to releasing a beta 2 to the public, they have a whole world of hurt coming their way. I truly hope this is far from the actual beta 2 code because if it is, nobody is going to want to switch back from FireFox to IE.

Oh yeah, it doesn’t render this forum properly either. Beta 1 had no problems whatsoever.

Yes, I do know that this is a beta product and that I should treat it as such. But, when you are testing the beta 1 and then you install this, things should go from good to better. Not good to worse. That’s my logic behind this mini-review/rant.

Here are some screen shots of what I am talking about.

Memory usage going crazy:

CPU Usage going crazy: