AMD raising and lowering prices on CPUs

So it looks like the ill-fated demise of cheap AMD Opteron socket 939 processors have come, officially.  Price cuts are expected by Monday, January 23, 2006.  We can expect the AMD X2 dual core lineup prices to drop drastically and the Opteron socket 939 single and dual core lineup prices to increase, you guessed it, drastically.  It’s good and bad.  One, AMD doesn’t want people using their server line chips for regular non-workstation/server computers.  Second, AMD X2 processors are mediocre at overclocking, Opterons on the othe hand, have had some amazing results.  I guess we could have expected this since the start of those rumors about AMD cutting supply to their mom and pop vendors who were selling the Opterons.

A good thing is, it is 2006 and it’s the year of DDR2 for AMD and the new socket, AM2.  Socket AM2 which make use of DDR2 which will mean cheaper memory prices for us, I think.  For a 2GB set of DDR2 is about $200 or so, much less than DDR1.  DDR1 has hit a peak in that it can no longer provide the bandwidth we require, or so that is what I’m lead to believe.  Anyway, have a safe weekened, don’t get too drunk, and see you guys Monday.