Dell 3007WFP monitor debuts @ $2,200.00

So the much anticipated Dell 3007 30″ wide screen monitor has debuted at a hefty dollar tag of $2,200.00!  That is an insane price that is almost similar to Apple’s 30″ beast.  I thought they’d at least play the price war games with Apple.  I can’t say I’m that suprised although I expected a lower price tag.  It is Dell and I believe the 2405FP which debuted at around $1,500.00 eventually came down below $900.00 with coupons that you could find readily available floating around on the net.  I believe too, that we’ll see a similiar coupon deal within six months.  There is also the rumoured Dell 2407FP which would replace the 2405FP due to HDCP requirements for Vista.  When I added the monitor to my card, I was greeted with options to purchase an extended warranty along with accidental damage repair warranty.  What would be nice is to purchase some sort of warranty in which anything goes wrong, you’ll always get back a brand new monitor.  I’d pay a premium just for that specific warranty as I dislike receiving refuribished items back from Dell.