New years and a new layout

I’m using the k2 WordPress theme which is in its beta 2 stages.  I hope you like it.  Anyhow, it’s almost the new year and we’re just two days away.  I completed whatever work I could today as it is the end of the pay period.  I need to start busting my ass more or I need to look for another job that will pay me just a tad bit more than what I’m making now.  Today I encountered some problems with Microsoft Anti-Spyware.  MSAS does not like beng uninstalled from another user’s account.  What happend was I installed MSAS from an admin’s account.  Went into another admin’s account and started to have problems.  The spyware I removed some how damaged the registry of the client’s user accounts.  I kept getting an error that popped up every time I logged into these specific accounts.  I finally figured out that the errors were related to MSAS.  From there I had to go into the user account’s registry and chang the permissions on quite a number of keys.  I finally got it fixed and in the end I had to uninstall it using the original account I had installed it with and then reinstall it again using that same account.  If you run into this issue, just e-mail me, I’ll be more than happy to help you out.