Geforce 6800 flicker problem

I finally got my DVI cable and my second 2001FP monitor up and running.  I recall when I only had one 2001FP that if I connected it to the secondary DVI adapter on my eVGA 6800GT video card that the monitor would flicker off then back on intermittently.  I searched for quite some time and there was no fix for this.  I am experiencing the same thing again.  I’ve checked a bunch of forums and they still don’t have a fix for it.  It sucks.  I guess the only thing to do is actually upgrade the video card.  However, that’s costly.  A 7800GT is expensive and for a little more I’m just going to go with a 7800 GTX from eVGA hopefully.

Let me document this a little more so that people who search Google, if ever, can find the information they need.  On the 6800 series of Geforce cards which use the nv40 chipset, there seems to be a undocumented flaw that is causing this issue.  Speculation on the forum is that there are two processors, each powering the two DVI ports.  One port is too weak to power the 1600×1200 resolution thus causing the flickering which is remeniscent of you doing a resolution change and the monitor going black for just a second then returning to its normal state.  I’m now currently swapping e-mails with the folks at  The thing that bugs me is that I attempted to do an RMA and the eVGA website said I had to pay $24.95 in order for them to ship the card back to me.  Anyway, I’ll keep everyone updated as to what happens and if an RMA fixes it.  Either that or I’m going to have to use the DVI to VGA adapter and just save my money for another video card.  It’s the holidays, I’m broke.