I picked up that 2001FP monitor

I finally picked it up.  I ended up paying $275.00 for it.  An amazing price for a beautiful monitor.  The guy who was selling it dropped the price even further.  I could not let the monitor get away at a price like that.  I mean it’s over $500.00+ shipped for a brand new one.  This monitor was manufactured in February of 2005.  It isn’t even a year old yet.  This thing is a beauty.  The only thing is he didn’t have the DVI cable so I’m using a VGA cable with a DVI convertor.  He said he’ll try and look for it and when he finds it he’ll give me a call.  I went ahead and ordered one off eBay just in case.  It was $.99 cents + shipping.  This was for an original Dell DVI 6′ cable.  I can’t wait, hopefully I get it by Wednesday if not the latest, Thursday.  Dual monitors are amazing.  Now I will be more productive, I hope.