Broke after bills

Who’s broke after bills?  I am, I am!  Who couldn’t attend class last night due to some crazy traffic caused by a stalled vehicle?  I did, I did!  Living in Hawaii is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse.  At work, I get paid strictly on commission.  There are certainly other perks than just being a PC Tech.  Being paid on commission means I don’t have a set time to come in and leave.  I can leave if there are no jobs, I can leave if things are slow, I can take a little longer lunch than most can all because I don’t get paid hourly.  The downside, is when there are no jobs whatsoever.  This means that I can bring home very little money for the time being.

Yeah, sure, I can look for another job and I plan on doing that.  However, this is my first job in the IT field and I’m using it to build my experience.  I’m not unhappy here, I am content except for when there aren’t many jobs.  On top of that I’ve learned how to work hard and get paid for that hard work.  I never really understood how so many people could work so hard busting their asses doing construction or other jobs that seem just incredibly hard.  After receiving some lackluster paychecks I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t working to my fullest potential.  Therefore I attempted to “bust my ass” by working extremely hard.  I realized that working hard pays off.  At times though, I still get lazy, like this pay period.  There are a few jobs in queue but not a whole lot.  There are other techs who work with me so I also want to leave other jobs for them since that is the only way they get paid too.  Here’s to a good but broke weekend.