Best Buy president apologizes over XBox 360 snafu

Take a look here, it looks as though the Best Buy president is apologizing for that very nasty mistake they made of ripping off customers.  The night of the XBox 360 release they changed their pricing plans to that of only being able to buy an XBox 360 if you were to buy their stupid bundle deal which made basically added on a bunch of non-needed accessories and games and more than likely their stupid extended warranty plan.  I’m so glad I did not take the job when I was hired there.  I mean I walk in there and I can just feel the egotistic attitudes of all the workers, especially the Geek Squad workers.  I just thank myself each and every time I go there that I stayed with my current job.  Thanks to Best Buy Sux I was able to save myself from going into a piece of shit company that is very ruthless.

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