Window’s OneCare anti-virus/firewall package deal

I’m beta testing Microsoft’s anti-virus/anti-spyware/firewall package.  The firewall has actually been giving me problems lately.  I thought it was my ISP’s DNS servers acting up again.  I can do a speed test at Speak Easy and I get my entire bandwidth, 5mbps down and 384kbps up.  However, when I attempt to visit websites, often times the connection will time out or half the page will load and then stop.  I spoke to a friend who works at Time Warner and he checked on my connection and everything was fine on their end.  He finally said to just check my firewall.  Lo and behold, I turned it off and everything went back to normal.  I posted about this on the MS OneCare newsgroups and I found one other person as well as a few others on another forum.  It’s off for now, it isn’t like I run all kinda warez or scripts that will require the firewall.  Plus, my router takes care of most things.  So if you are running OneCare and are experiencing slow browsing, try to disable the firewall and see what happens.

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