Encoding: Cyrillic

Ok, I’m a picky bastard.  Since ever since, I have loved the font Verdana, size 9.  What I do with Internet Explorer is I override the fonts and font sizes by using the Accessibility option in IE’s settings.  Every site I go to, the site is displayed in Verdana, size 9.  However, I frequent this one site/forum.  The font always comes up as Times New Roman.  I kept thinking it had to do with an error in their external css sheet but today I investigated it deeply and found the root cause of this font problem.

What I found out is that the website I frequent is being encoded in Cyrillic which is basically the encoding for viewing Russian text.  Even though in their HTML they have the normal encoding which is ISO-8559-1 in there, I believe the server it resides on overrides the encoding and uses the Cyrillic.  I’m attempting to find out where their server resides and my hunch is that it’s in the US but I haven’t heard back from their admins yet.  I guess I’m just picky but I like viewing all of my websites in a certain font.  That’s all I have for today.  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great Black Friday.  The next big holiday to look forward is Christmas!  Then it’s New Years!  Man, time flys by.  I just remember celebrating New Years last year prior to 2005.  Anyhow, I’m rambling on.  Good night.