Getting sick before Thanksgiving

I’m sick, I caught a cold, I don’t believe it.  I always seem to get sick during the worst times.  Either before I am about to start a new job or before a major holiday like Thanksgiving, I get sick.  I mean I just don’t understand it.  It’s like nobody wants me to enjoy Thanksgiving.  I try my hardest to wash my hands after I eat, after I use the restroom, but it seems like it is not enough.  I wonder what else can be done to prevent my body from getting sick.  I hear people use 1000mg of vitamin C daily but for some reason, vitamins smell like crap.  Anyone else get sick right before an important event?  Anyway, thanks to all my readers for visiting this site and I hope all of you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving.  Go spend time with your family and eat all the turkey and stuffing you can!  Hooray for leftovers!