AMD to stop retailers from selling Opteron CPUs?

If you’re not familiar with AMD you may not have heard, but their server processor line called the AMD Opteron overclocks fairly well.  So well that people are buying them up in bunches and selling out stores nationwide.  People have been able to take their 1.8ghz processor all the way up to 3.0ghz on air cooling.  That’s over a 1ghz free of charge.  These Opteron 144 which are clocked at 1.8ghz cost roughly around $150-$175.00 depending on what store you buy it from.  The reason why they overclock so well is because they’re made to power servers, not your everyday desktop computer.  Processors that run servers HAVE to be that damn good, they cannot be problematic nor can they be weak in any areas.  These chips are the cream of the crop.  From what I’ve been reading at various forums, shop owners have been concerned that AMD will stop selling to the retail channel due to the demand of these chips.  People are fearing that the demand is so great that the real people who need these chips such as high end businesses who require servers will not be able to purchase them.  Who knows, as of right now it’s a rumour.  The next big shipment isn’t happening until January of 2006.  I guess we all just have to wait and see.  I know I’ll be on the look out for one of those 144 Opteron processors.