UFC 56: Full Force review

Let me tell you guys, this UFC was one of the best if not the best UFC I saw in quite some time.  First and foremost, all of the match ups were great except for the one heavyweight bout of the evening.  Thee fight of the night had to be the main event.  Rich Franklin vs Nate Quarry, was short but sweet.  The fight ended up with Nate Quarry getting knocked out unconscious.  His eyes rolled back and he stiffened up like an ironing board.  I think the best part of the show though, was when they announced that a) the two coaches for next seasons TUF is going to be Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz.  These guys have bad blood.  b) announcing that Frank Mir, the ex-heavyweight champion, will return and fight the currently heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski.  And c) the return of BJ Penn.  — This was by far the most insane and out of left field announcement made in UFC history.  I’ll bore you all later with more details on that.  Here are the results:

GSP defeats Sherk via a mean ground and pound (GSP broke Sherk’s nose)
Matt Hughes defeats Joe Riggs via kimura in the first round
Jeremy Horn defeated Trevor Prangley by unanimous decision
Rich Franklin defeats Nate Quarry by a brutal first round knock out.

In other news, BJ Penn is back with the UFC, he is signed.

Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz are going to be the next Ultimate Fighter TV show coaches and least but not least, FRANK MIR is back.