Edmunds 2006 Honda Civic SI review

Edmund’s 2006 Honda Civic SI review

I’m a fan of Hondas, so shoot me. Especially the SI models which come out every so many years. It started with I believe the 88-91 era and then it was made in 92-95. It stopped after that until 1999 which introduced one of the best, if not the best SI coupes ever created. It lasted for two years, from 99-00. Then they stopped until I believe 2002 or 2003. They decided to go with a hatchback version for the 21st century models. Now they’re back to the coupe which I believe is where it’s all at even though I own the 92-95 hatchback model myself. This car is probably going to debut at around $20k without navigation. You’re going to see this car all over your streets. Driven by teens whos parents purchased their car, driven by young adults as well as middle aged men. This car packs a punch and delivers a nice price point. Check out the review, it’s nothing but good words for the new SI.