I think I’m dying

First it was the chronic hives, then the high blood pressure and now Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. I used to rest my arm on my desk when I had this piece of crap chair. I believe in doing so irritated the ulnar (funny bone) nerve and now it is now kinda messed up. So many health issues and I’m only 23 years old. The good news is I went in to check my blood pressure and my diastolic was down to around 89 points. Yes, that’s still high but it isn’t to a point where I may pop an artery. So I’m content with that and I’m glad it went down. I’m just going to try not to bend my arm. I’m lucky that I bought a new chair in which I no longer have to reach upwards with my arms. my arms are just about flush with the keyboard/chair so that there really is no bending of the elbow. I may even get a brace for my arm so that it stays straight when I sleep. Until next time, aloha.