Interface not Registered while attempting to send an e-mail using Word/Outlook 2003

If you receive this error message when attempting to send an e-mail using Word as your mail editor, you can use this download to help you fix this problem. It looks like basically a .dll file has become unregistered due to some other program. What you do with this batch file is put it into your System Root\system32 directory and run it from there. It will re-register all your .dll files in that system32 folder. This particular batch file is also good if you have issues with other things like missing search function in Windows XP or if you have a blank screen while accessing Windows Updates. The two I just mentioned normally mean your jscript.dll file has become unregistered and all you need to do is go to Start > Run > type in the box “regsvr32 jscript.dll” without the quotations. My hat goes off to the folks at Experts Exchange.

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