VX2 infection

I was working on a computer this past weekend that had been infected by the newest variant of VX2. I scoured the internet and various message boards to find a fix for this nasty bug. I found out that there hadn’t been a removal method yet made as of 11/5/05. The advice that was being given to most was to download the newest version of L2MFix from L2MFix 1.04a.. You also have to download and install a two week trial of Web Root’s popular Spy Sweeper 4.5. I found that using the L2MFix alone did not cure the problem. What I did was go into safe mode and scan with Spy Sweeper. I made sure I had the newest definitions installed. As soon as it was done scanning I went back into normal mode and ran the L2MFix and it found the files then removed them properly. Use this program at your own risk. I would advise you to seek help from the various spyware removal forums that can be found online through a Google search. Good luck. This stuff is becoming a pain in the arse.