The North Face backpacks

Hot Shot
I’m more than likely going to be purchasing this backpack in the near distant future (few hours). I just have to confirm that this is the bag that the store is currently selling. Once that is done I am going to purchase this bag. Throughout this entire school year I haven’t had a backpack. I’ve had to lug around my school books + notebooks. Also to work I have to carry things without any bag. My last bag was a Girl skateboard bag. It eventually ripped. I’m going with something that is built pretty hefty so that I don’t encounter that same issue as I did with the previous bag.
Apparently the site I was going to buy it from no longer stocks this model. This particular model is last year’s model and there is a new one out that is hideous. I’m not going to get that. So my search is on to find a brand new version of this specific model. Ahui ho!