Doom movie review 2/5 stars

Tonight my family and I went to see Doom. It reminded me quite a lot of Resident Evil (which kicked major ass by the way). Some parts are completely ripped off from RE. I liked how The Rock was able to swear quite a bit. I am used to him holding his tongue during his days with the WWF. When he told that one guy to “SHUT THE FUCK UP”, it reminded me of the way he used to act while wrestling which was quite funny. The most disturbing part of the entire evening was that I was laughing it up while nobody else in the theatre was laughing. I guess I have a bad sense or humour. Anyhow, it just reminded me a lot of RE and seemed to be blatently ripped off. I haven’t really followed the story line from the original game. I think I’ll read up and check it out later. I think you’re better off watching Saw 2 which I hear is quite good. Forget what Rotten Tomatoes said.