No fixes for now

This past week has been pretty hectic with me finding out I have chronic hives to trying to make an appointment with my doctors. My pay period for work is almost up, it actually ends on Monday so I can get in a few machines on Monday and still get paid, I’m very ecstatic. There is a co-worker of mine who is leaving our company. He finally found a job that pays hourly and have decent benefits. It’s kinda crappy that he’s leaving but at the same time it’s great for him. He was the one who taught me how to break down laptops and put them back together. He is a pretty smart guy when it comes to taking things apart and putting them back together. He will be missed. It’s down to two techs; however our manager is in the midst of interviewing and hiring another tech. He said he has one person in mind who has no real world experience. My manager saidt he only thing he has going is that he has a good personality and seems to be very friendly. The thing is, he will really be in for a rude awakening. I came in to this job with no experience under my belt except for some minor tech support over the phone. I thought I knew what I was doing and boy did I get gonged. I think it would be best to replace our outgoing tech with someone who has the same if not more experience than the outgoing one. I guess we’ll see sometime next week what it will be like.